Sunday 27th October- The first song I ever heard

I’m back from the wedding. Happy, tired and a little hung over.

There’s a story to go with this link.–UJZ4

Years ago, I was at a friend’s house and she showed me this You Tube video. We were amazed at how talented this kid is. He’s only about five years old and plays “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz on the Ukulele, singing along. It was funny, charming, and his musical skills were mind-blowing. As we goggled at the screen, my friend said that it was cute how he was making up the words.

Is he? I thought. I had the same song at home on iTunes and the words the boy sang sounded exactly the same to me. Not that they were words exactly. As far as I could tell, the “words” in songs were mostly just mouth noises. But the tune was catchy and I like the sound of guitars, so this was one of the very few songs I recognized.

 Funnily enough, this was also the first song I ever heard properly. It was the 26th January 2012, about three years later, and I’d been listening to my new Johansen CD for about a month.

My small collection of music was starting to grow, but “I’m Yours” was still one of my favourites. Listening to it, for the first time I heard real, understandable words. They were about love.

From then on, I couldn’t hear enough music. My little group of CDs had a population explosion and I started listening to new genres.  “I’m Yours” may not be my favourite song anymore, but there’s nothing else I’ve listened to that makes me feel happier.


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