Saturday 9th November

Yesterday I started to tidy my room, finding a graveyard of orphaned socks under a heap of big cardboard boxes I’m turning into smaller cardboard boxes. These boxes will hopefully contain things I sell at the Christmas Craft Fair next Thursday.  I cleaned out the Pumpkin Pie’s two-cage palace. She’s happy to be rootling around in all the new nesting paper and snacks.

Everything on the floor went on my bed as a kind of incentive to tidy it if I wanted to get to sleep tonight. In the end it just went back on the floor.

Today I cleaned out the big stick insect box containing Jimmy, Sean, Mavis and Olive. Now everyone is disgruntled and pretending to be dead or a twig.

Kevin is lying on his back in the smaller tank with his legs in the air, but hopefully not in an actually dead kind of way. He does this sometimes.


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