Thursday 14th November- The Christmas Craft Fair

Four years ago, I was selling jewellery at my this Christmas Craft fair, when I realised that Christmas Carols have actual words. Today was my sixth year selling there.

I could hear the Christmas music in the Town Hall even better than I could last year, but mostly tuned it out.

This year was more profitable than the last. Mainly because of the polymer clay dragons, a Loch Ness monster and something like a pink pom-pom with sharp teeth and wings, that I’d made. I was a little disappointed about how many people thought I was trying to sell them dinosaurs. Most dinosaurs didn’t have wings. Luckily the kids understood, and bought most of the cheap, miniature dragons at the front of my stall.

One of my friends from Lip Reading came to see me, despite her bad hip. That brightened up my night. As well as a pair of earrings, she bought a dragon with a last-puppy-in-the-shop expression and colourful wings. I love my friends from Lip Reading. Sometimes I feel like I have lots of caring grandparents. Of course she got a discount.

In the noisy hall, hearing customers was no problem. Unfortunately, maths was, but that’s what calculators were invented for.


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