Wednesday 13th November- Wheedling

My room is a lonely place without Pumpkin and for some reason I’ve been hiccupping all day.

In the morning we buried Pumpkin. She was wrapped up in her nest, still looking like she was sound asleep. I put her and her nest in a cardboard box crammed full of hamster food, treats, the Pumpkin seeds she liked to eat that I got from our Halloween lanterns, and some sparkly sequins. The box was heavy with snacks, because like how people prefer to be buried in their best clothes, any self-respecting hamster would want a big food hoard for the next life. I miss her.

On the subject of hearing, and my still-developing social skills, my mum said that she’s noticed something new about how I talk.  I’ve started to use a new tone of voice : Wheedling.

A Wheedling tone of voice is required when you want another hour of drum practice, but your family really don’t. So far, as long as everyone’s in a fairly good mood and I have a suitably hangdog expression, Wheedling seems to be pretty effective.

Tones of voice are only something you can learn when you actually hear them. Otherwise  anger, sarcasm, fear, happiness, friendliness and loathing all sound kind of the same. In other words, before Johansen IAS and, sadly,  during most of my time at school, I had all the social graces of a brick.


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