Sunday 24th November- My first job interview

Today I have a job interview at the local pet shop. I’m feeling more excited than nervous. Here’s hoping my brain, ears and mouth are in a cooperating mood. I could use the money, and I miss having some small furries to care for.  I love animals, and mostly, they seem to like me too.

Just in case I misheard the time of my interview when they called me last week, I phoned the shop to confirm the time. In 45 mins I’ll be leaving to go to my first job interview.

It went really well I think, although since there are also vet school candidates applying, that will lower my chances of a job.

My hearing was great, I felt relaxed, my brain was working with me, and I answered the questions as best I could.

I mentioned my hearing, and how I go to lip reading and British Sign Language classes, when asked about what I’m studying. I said that my hearing is almost as good as anyone’s nowadays thanks to therapy, but I think that my listening skills spoke for themselves today.

Even if I don’t get a job, I feel like I’ve passed a new milestone of being able to talk confidently and fluently to people, while feeling a little under pressure.  


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