Friday 26th April

At an RSPB conference today with my friend who is creating a community garden, I was (somewhat ironically) the ears of the operation.
I was there to listen, as much as anything. Some of it was very interesting, some of it wasn’t so interesting. I sifted through the information and noted down details which may be useful for the community garden project I’m helping with. The presentations lasted for several hours, but my Auditory Processing abilities were up to the task. I met some new people, saw some tanks of pond life and learned more about what we can do to encourage wildlife to thrive in urban areas. There was also the best free buffet lunch I have ever eaten.

On my way home from the local train station I was on my bike waiting for the lights to change at a Crossroads junction. The motorcyclist behind me kept revving his engine despite the red light, raring to go. That was worrying me a bit. When the light turned green I had to cycle uphill from a standing start, and it takes a few seconds to get momentum going. I heard the motorbike engine start and a voice behind me shout,
“You’ve got gears, you know!”
In the past, I would have never heard clearly enough to pick up all the words from a voice:
• Behind me
• Muffled by a motorcycle helmet
• Surrounded by traffic sounds
And I wouldn’t have had the quick processing and presence of mind to yell back, while cycling,
“You’ve got an engine! It’s alright for you!”


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