Friday 28th March 2014- I’m going to have a job!

Today I got an email with an offer for a job as a gardener, which I applied for a few weeks back. My first job!
Technically, I have been employed before. I packed gift bags in a beauty salon for one night when I was thirteenish, then walked out the door when I was finished, forgetting to get paid.
Otherwise, over the years I have been self-employed, with varying success.
This year I was pipped to the post of pet shop staff by veterinary students, the local garden centre restaurant never got back to me, and as I discovered on my training night at the oriental restaurant, I’m not exactly an ideal waitress. But gardening is something I can do.
Excited about my first job! It’s maybe just a one-off thing, because they’re short-staffed that day, but a part-time job, or a job every time they need an extra gardener would be great.


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