Monday 5th May- R.I.P. Kevin

I’ve been very busy recently and my job really takes energy out of me. Today we were working all day in a huge garden by a loch. On the way home my Supervisor asked a few times for me to repeat what I said. I think my speech was slurring a little because I was tired. Sometimes when I don’t have much energy, speaking clearly becomes difficult. I hate it when this happens, but I have to remember how much better this problem is than it used to be. I might complain about the odd difficult day with my hearing, but Johansen IAS therapy has been the difference between me just seeming really tired, or being noticeably different in my behaviour and speech. Since there’s a social side to the job- we all chat in the front of the van between jobs- good communication and being easy to get on with is essential. We work to a timescale and I can’t be going back to my supervisor all the time because I haven’t heard or can’t remember his instructions. Without my hearing being as good as it is nowadays, I couldn’t have taken this job. And I may not have been offered it in the first place. The event where I met my boss was a horticulture quiz with spoken questions.

Tonight I buried Kevin under a flowering shrub. He was a good stick insect. My first pet stick, who was so newly hatched that he still had his egg case attached when I took him home, bless him. I watched many of his skin sheds and saw how well he blended in with his climbing frame. He was a truly excellent twig impersonator. I hope that wherever he is now, there is an eternity of fresh, juicy leaves. Or something equally wonderful from a stick insect’s point of view.


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