Saturday 5th April- more drums

I have the best new toy in the world, and I’m not allowed to play with it.
This morning I got a lift from my mum to Glasgow centre to buy an electric drum kit. I’ve been saving for months to get one, painting walls, gardening, selling and repairing jewellery. With my new two days’ wages added to the pot, I finally had enough for the (within budget) electric kit of my dreams. I bought it and between us, we carried it back to where the car was parked. We must have looked a sight, carrying this huge box, the included seat in a bag in one of my hands. I had to walk backwards, and I was so tired from work and so happy with my big box of drums that I kept giggling and struggling to keep a hold on it.
Finally we got it into the car.
Getting it out of the car and up to the door was harder because I was laughing too hard to pick it up.
The idea is that when I’m banned from the noisy attic acoustic kit, I can practice on a quieter electric kit in my room. This means more happy tapping away, without disturbing everyone else too much.
Back home I put it together and started tapping away. Very soon, it seemed, there were complaints. The creaky floor of my room seemed to be an amplifier for the pedals, like a soundbox or echo chamber, driving anyone watching telly beneath me to distraction. Apparently, It’s louder downstairs than it is upstairs.
It can make all kinds of different sounds, from steel drums to disc squeaks. It may be the best thing I have ever bought.


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