Thursday 25th April 2014

I spent another day working for the gardening company. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working a day or a few days a week for them.
Most of the today was clearing leaves in a community park into big dumping bags, then emptying the bags into the back of the tipper van, keeping track of the number I emptied so that the supervisor knew how much material was in the van. My bags only counted as half bags because I can’t lift a full one. For my size I’m reasonably strong, but a huge sack full of leaves can be surprisingly heavy. We weeded borders, forked over beds and edged the lawns.

At the end of the day, the boss came to check on us and took a minute to talk to me. He offered me a full-time job.

I couldn’t believe it. Last night I joined a band, today I was being offered a job.
What a great opportunity! But here was the dilemma…..How could I keep doing everything I do now, while working full-time?
I just joined a band, I run a small jewellery repair business, I’m writing a book about Auditory Processing Disorder, helping with a community garden project, I go to lip reading classes, a college night class and volunteer at a botanic garden.
A few years back, I could not have imagined myself doing any of this, or having enough energy to do more than one of these things. My life has improved so much since then.
What an amazing opportunity! And yet, I was so tired after the physically demanding work, and working full-time would mean giving up everything else I did during the week.
A few years ago I wouldn’t have had the clear thinking, presence of mind and confidence to thank my boss and then ask if I could have a day to think about it.


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