Thursday 3rd April- My first day at work

I arrived a little early at the yard. In the yard was an office portacabin, a shipping container full of tools and machines, compost and waste bins at the back, and the vans.
Something I learned early on is that the gardeners and boss are all really nice people. Not sure what to do with myself, I put my backpack in the container and helped with loading the vans.
The boss gave me a van to go in. It’s quite fun sitting in a van. Three seats in the front, and a ton of gardening equipment in the back. Me, and supervisor and a cheerful Italian gardener.
Our supervisor’s blackberry kept beeping. He said that if he opened a window, we should grab it so he couldn’t throw it out. He hates his phone.
We sorted out someone’s lawn in my town, then did another lawn up some stairs at the back of some flats. I got to use a leaf-blower backpack. One of those Ghostbuster things. It’s fun, but feels really strange because the turbine makes it buzz against your back.
The last, and longest job was at a huge house in the countryside. We worked to tidy up, divide perennials and replant a huge garden. Luckily this was something I’ve done before at work experience.
The woman living in the house was really kind. She left the door open so that tea and coffee was available, and I could use her toilet. While we were working, her two huge dogs played around us, sometimes pestering us and wanting to play fetch and be petted.
We were there for several hours. I liked working with them. My new Italian friend whistled and sometimes sang in Italian as he worked, and our supervisor was really friendly and funny, just stressed out by his phone.
The lady in the house came back and gave us some cakes and tea for us to eat, not taking no for an answer.
By the time we got back to the yard it was after six. I decided to walk home rather than get the bus, which was a silly idea. After getting used to cycling, walking a mile or two feels like it takes forever, and I was really tired after a day of gardening.
My first day at work was quite a good day.


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