Sunday 18th May 2014

Something new in my life which I’ve just noticed is that I’m sending more texts. I’m talking to my friends more. After Movement and Learning Centre therapy I now have the energy to send texts and keep up a conversation. But perhaps the most recent change in myself is that when I receive a text, I can think of what to reply. Having conversations with other people, whether that’s through texts, emails, on the phone or face-to-face requires social skills, skills which can only be learned through practicing and experience of talking and interacting with other people.
Previously,(before Johansen IAS therapy) social confusion caused by my Auditory Processing Disorder, and the fear of talking to people in case I misheard, couldn’t understand, or was too overwhelmed by noise in the environment to think, made me reluctant to try to have conversations.
I’m maybe not quite up-to-scratch with the rest of my age group socially…..yet. But I suppose that practice makes perfect.
Got to go, someone just texted me!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 18th May 2014

  1. Hi Jenny. Been learning a lot about myself too. Need to exercise more. Started running (jogging and walking… to start somewhere!) and loving it! Also I now appreciate why some people in life act in ways that they need to put other people down to make them feel good. How sad is that? Glad you mentioned MLC. Can I please ask you to refer to The Movement and Learning Centre as this gets more hits on the internet? Thanks. Ian x

  2. Hi Ian
    Good for you =)
    Yes it’s sad that some people do that.
    I just changed MLC to Movement and Learning Centre and will keep doing that from now on. Still got lots of old diary entries to type before I’m finally up to date!
    Take care
    Jenny x

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