Friday 19th September- There’s two kinds of people in the world.

I don’t like cycling in the rain. All the traffic seems to be in a rush, the other denizens of the road feeling superior just because their vehicles have a roof.

Why the hurry? They aren’t getting wet.

The results of the Scottish referendum weren’t what I hoped for. I have a feeling that after the results, no one’s quite sure where they stand with each other. There’s still some tension around, with both sides waiting to see how the other reacts. Either way, one very good thing about the referendum is that Scotland was more involved in a political decision than usual. Everyone had an opinion, and cared about the decision they made.

Let’s see how it goes from here.

Today I went to a half-day at college then to the shops. One of the wonderful staff at Drum Central fixed my glitchy double pedal and gave me an alan key for free! My mood dropped when I came out of the shop and saw that someone had used the frame of my bike to scrape dog poo off their shoe. After my cycle home I had to clean loads of stuff I had with me, plus my jeans, bike lock etc. There’s lovely people in the world, like the Drum Central people. They are enthusiastic, kind-hearted, and care about what they do. Then there’s the dog-poo-scrapers of the world, literally and figuratively. The people who will selfishly take their problems out on you, or on an innocent second-hand bicycle. I have to remember this. Whenever my view of the world gets too rosy, something like this tends to reset my mind. Let’s hope it’s always something so small, and easily solvable with a £1 bottle of disinfectant.

Tonight is a night out with my Horticulture college friends. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun!

We went out at 8 and before I knew it, it was 1am!  I don’t drink much, so two ciders and I was away. My new friends are lovely. And with them, because we all have some kind of learning difference or other issue, my Auditory Processing Difficulties are totally accepted. I asked for some repeats in the noisy pub (we ended up in Edinburgh’s famous Banshee Labyrinth), and my very dyslexic new friend asked what the name was of the pub we were in because he hadn’t read the sign. Totally accepted. We finished in the students union, which is basically a building full of varying bars. They are kind, fun, like-minded people, who also talk about plants. I will hopefully have many more fun Horticulture nights out, because I’ve been told it will be a weekly thing.

I’ve found some really good people here in Edinburgh and it’s starting to feel like home.


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