Independent Student Life is a reality

I arrived in Edinburgh with my parents, feeling groggy because I was up until stupid am putting music onto my new laptop. Be damned if I was leaving home without my iTunes library. They helped me carry bags of my stuff from the car to my room. In the hall I met a flatmate. My main worry about leaving home was that my flatmates wouldn’t like me. I shouldn’t have worried. Like her, they’re all really nice people. All the bags in, I said goodbye to my parents (it wasn’t an epic emotional moment – we hugged and I said I’d bus back to Glasgow next weekend for my birthday) then dashed back upstairs to talk to my new friend and unpack.

A nearby corner store provided dinner ingredients and that night we went to a party.

This all seems pretty ordinary probably. What’s the point of me writing about leaving home? 

Without MLC Scotland and Johansen IAS therapy, I may have never left home. And if I had, it would not have been so easy.

In an alternate universe, where Jenny had not been diagnosed with serious Auditory Processing Disorder and Retained reflexes, then gone to Johansen IAS and MLC Scotland for help, things would be very different. I would be a completely different person.

Socially, I would still have an age of about 7- I’d have enough basic social skills to get by, but would be lagging far behind my age group. I still wouldn’t have had the energy, good health and clear sound processing to learn social skills. Moving into a flat with strangers would have felt terrifying.

Everything would have been overwhelming. Talking to a flatmate for the first time would have been difficult because I would have struggled to understand what they said. Guessing yes and no answers to questions I wouldn’t hear properly could have made them feel like I was uninterested in them, or didn’t like them. And I wouldn’t have had the energy to study and look after myself.

Most likely, in this hypothetical universe I would still be living with my parents for a very long time. And since my course recommended four Highers, I may not have qualified for it. In my fifth year at school, just before the MLC and Johansen therapies started to work, and just before my Higher exams, I was really struggling and nearly dropped out.

Back at school I had hopes and dreams of moving away and being a student. But I think that in my heart I didn’t really expect it to happen. Even holding down a job would have been difficult.

Now student life is a reality. I have the energy, emotional stability and the learning skills to study full-time, make friends, care for myself and enjoy an independent life. And enjoy it. I’m looking forward to my new life here.


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