Saturday 13th September- Day 6 of Student Life -“Surfing”

It’s a nice day for a Freshers Week activity. Surfing. Edinburgh city centre is surprisingly close to the sea. The sun is rising behind the tall block of flats which block my view of Arthur’s seat, hopefully warming the North sea I’ll be swimming in. Can I surf? Not really, although I’ve only tried once before. I’d like to learn. The free barbeque swayed my mind in favour of going.  

Unfortunately, the waves were only ankle high, so we had a swim and floated on some boards for a while. I was very buoyant in the water because of some huge air pockets trapped in the University wetsuit I had borrowed. It was a female wetsuit, but designed for a taller girl with more curves.  I was in there somewhere, the suit having more of a rubber concertina effect than a glamorous beach babe look. I wondered why I kept falling off my board then I realised I was lying on it backwards. The barbeque was good.

On my way back to the flat I bought 30 frozen fish fingers for £2. Frozen food is really cheap. And there’s so much of it! Since I left home I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the freezers, calculating price versus weight. Freezer-box window shopping. The student dream.

Dinner was Fish Finger Sandwiches a la Ketchup, ketchup being the vegetable. The box claims that the fingers are made with “White fish”, identifying the fish in my dinner by colour, rather than species. In the end, white fish tastes just like any other fish which happens to be white. I’m not too fussy to eat fish fingers of mixed species and am not put off by wondering what the species diversity in a SUPERSAVERS fish finger actually is.

Did my laundry. I made friends with someone else in the student building in the laundry room. I instantly liked him. His colours are luminous light green and light aqua blue. The only colours I’ve seen around anyone all week.

Tonight I went home to spend some time with my family and friends since it’s my birthday soon. After all my chores were done, I got to Edinburgh bus station for the journey home just before 11pm. The city was busy, and there was a huge procession of people. Hundreds and thousands walking down the pavement in a line. I think they were marching against Scottish Independence.

I learned later that while I was out “Surfing”, the Orange Lodge and Ku Klux Klan were out and about in Edinburgh. I didn’t know that the Ku Klux still existed. I had hoped their mentality was extinct by now. The Ku Klux don’t want Scotland to leave the UK. In fact, they threatened that if there is a Yes vote, they will leave Scotland. I miss them already.

Bus to Glasgow. By the time I got home it was nearly 1am. Really happy to see my parents. My room is still the same more or less. I’ve only been gone for a week. It is much tidier though, and partly a storage space for attic junk. My mum said that if I’d known how many spiders were living under my bed, I would have left home sooner.


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