Saturday 20th September- Brain For Hire

Not feeling great today. I’m tired from busy times and processing, Auditory and otherwise, is slow.

I’m a student. Students need money. One way for students to earn money is to sign up to help PHD students with experiments. Earlier this year, I earned a little money for taking part in a Synaesthesia study. I don’t mind hiring out my brain for some easy computerised tests. For this I would earn £6, which is equal to 6 1-kilo bags of potatoes. I think in potatoes quite a lot since I’ve become a student.

Today I helped with a memory test at the Psychology building. Because I can play a few instruments and read music notation. The tests were computerised, but not easy. They involved a lot of listening to 12-note atonal tunes. Since Auditory tests are a weak area for me, my brain felt fried after an hour of 12-note atonal tunes. But £6 in hand, in headed home, fried but happy. Probably thinking of potatoes.

Before the musical memory test, because I had thought ahead, I made a poster advertising my services as a Brain for Hire. The psychology building is closed to the public and I normally wouldn’t be allowed inside, so while I was there, I put up an advert on the noticeboard. I thought that since I have synaesthesia, maybe more students would want to hire me for my brain. I made a new email address specially for it. Worth a try. My poster isn’t subtle, but it’s to the point, and £4 an hour is competitive with the average PHD study rate.

After lunch I was still tired and a small patch of my vision went a bit sparkly. Life has been much busier than I’m used to. After a break I had dinner and went out to a friend’s birthday party. We have literally known each other since we were born, our mothers being in the same maternity group. Great to see him, catch up, and make some new friends.

Surprisingly, my hearing had recovered by then thanks to a chill out back at the flat. It still amazes me that years after I had Johansen IAS therapy to help me with serious Auditory Processing Disorder, I’m still noticing improvements.


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