Saturday 4th October- I appreciate my parents more now

This was a wonderful day. I holed up in my parent’s house (where I’m typing this now in my room), played drums all day, ate food I hadn’t paid for, and watched way too many episodes of Chuck.

Living here while my parents are away on holiday is weird but also pretty fun. It’s like playing house somewhere bigger than my room in the flat.

Living away from home has made me appreciate my parents much more. They really did a lot for me. Living away from home, I’m living like an adult. Well, I’ve just turned 20, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel that old. I don’t mind cleaning and washing. I’m not a student who views showering as an unnecessary chore. And I quite like cooking, although I prefer eating. I’m just realising how much time goes into preparing food, washing, and household chores. My parents really worked hard.

Since my parents are away, there were no perishables in the fridge. I had tomato bacon pasta and for dinner, baked myself a fish pie with fish which was identified by species, a real step up from my fish finger sandwich dinners back home. Because I didn’t pay enough attention to Delia’s recipe, the pastry on top was pretty inedible. The fishy potato part was great though.

I ate the saggy pineapple, using the strange tool left next to it, to cut it into rings.

Do I want to be a drumming gardener, or a gardening drummer? That is the main question on my mind at the moment.


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