Sunday 14th September- Day 7 of Student Life -A Happy Nearly Birthday!

To celebrate my nearly-birthday while I was still in Glasgow, I had lunch at a pub with a friend. He gave me a rubber duck and some lovely shower gel things for my flat.

Loads of spag bol for a birthday dinner at home with my family. And a cake with a sparkler on top. I have a wonderful family. I love them all.

My presents were things for my room- a radiator drying rack, impressively sharp kitchen knives, a houseplant, some vouchers, and the dinner leftovers frozen and bagged for freezing. There’s enough spag bol and cake there to last about two weeks!

Being at home was good, but also confusing. Because I now feel like I have another home back in Edinburgh, half my brain was back there, doing tasks and chores and still settling in. I have had such a busy week! By some Freshers’ standards I had a quiet, hermetic introduction to my new city, but I don’t think I have ever been out so much in one week!


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