Thursday 18th September- Scottish Independence Referendum Voting Day

At college we had a lecture about learning differences within our college. Apparently at most colleges there’s 10% dyslexic and learning different students. At ours, there’s 25% and that’s just the ones they know about. I’ll be right at home. Horticulturists on the whole, really struggle with spelling. A lot of them, probably almost everyone, is dyslexic. Or their brains are wired for more practical purposes than memorising letter combinations. And then their job throws latin plant names at them every day. Its really not fair. Luckily I have my coloured letters, which are easier to remember. We filled out questionnaires to identify what kind of learners we are- Visual, Auditory, or Tactile. Or whether we’re a mixture of all three. My college has the best Learning support system I have ever seen.

At the end of the day we had a quiz. We split into groups in the atrium, a corridor with lots of seats, including box-shaped padded stools with wheels on the bottom. These wheeled stools are a lot of fun. And a constant source of frustration for staff. The questions were spoken by a lecturer, but my Auditory Processing was clear and fast enough to understand and keep up.

Most of the questions were general knowledge, but some trickier questions had been specifically tailored to Horticulturists, including, Spell “Guarantee”.

Passed parliament again on my way home. Huge two-story media circus tent parked in the grounds along with vans and trucks of people and filming equipment.

It’s the Referendum Vote today. I’ll find out tomorrow what the result is.

Megaphones are being put to use. Hardware stores are still selling megaphones and affordable amplifiers from their window displays. People wearing kilts, tartan, union jack and saltire flags as capes, Yes and No badges. Loads of Yes bumper stickers slapped onto motor vehicles. Police are out and about.

In the kitchen, defrosting dinner, I heard bagpipes speeding past the building. It was a van playing loud bagpipe tunes, not a piper running very fast down the street.

We’ll see the results in the morning. I hope it’s a good decision either way. But a yes would be nice.



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