Tuesday 7th October- Jenny vs. The Frozen Turnip

My day at class was spent clearing plots and weeding fruit cages. Lovely day, got a bit sunburned. At night, suddenly my face was glowing hot and pink. Glaswegian skin. Us poor old Weegees burn like vampires. 

Cooking night. I made 3 or 4 meals worth of potatoes, turnip and mince. I got the half turnip on Sunday night’s grocery shop for 9 pence. It had not one but two yellow stickers on it. Tonight I found the turnip was very hard to defrost. I had it thawing in a saucepan for over an hour and got so frustrated that at one point I told it defrost you b*****d! while sawing at it with a breadknife. This made one of my flatmates laugh a lot. I hope it’s not the event I’ll be best remembered for.

I cycled to Sainsburys for some bigger groceries. Haunting the delicatessen for discounts at the end of the day, waiting for that miraculous, second yellow bar-code sticker. Unfortunately I was staking out the delicatessen in my yellow cycling anti-death jacket, and therefore extremely conspicuous. I got home with some (one-sticker) discount chicken, among other goodies.

Watched a film with my flatmates.

Eventually the frozen turnip was defeated, thawed, sliced and boiled to mush just to be safe. 


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