Wednesday 17th September- Day 10 of Student Life- Second day at College

Today I cycled to college. Not getting run over in unfamiliar traffic was a good start to my day.

After a busy Freshers week and lots of listening at the yesterday’s information day, I was too tired to concentrate in lectures. But I enjoyed the first years’ barbeque. They don’t barbeque first years. We had burgers and sausages in buns, and a choice between orange juice and Irn Bru.

Irn Bru is an original Scottish drink which is made from girders. I’m inclined to believe this because I have never seen anything of the same colour or flavour in nature. Scotland is the only country in the entire world, whose favourite drink isn’t a Coca-Cola product. I think this is something to be proud of. Irn Bru kind of sums up the Scottish Spirit- it may just be a patented mixture of unidentifiable chemicals, but it’s our chemicals.

I was on my way home when someone leaned out of their window with a megaphone. The Scottish Independence Referendum is not far off now. People are getting their voices heard- whether the shoppers below their windows want to listen or not.

Local hardware stores are making sure to keep them well-stocked, selling megaphones and Saltire flags (capes) at discount prices. 

I cycled home past the parliament to see what was going on. As a cyclist, I was allowed onto the blocked road. The policeman let me through. It helps that I’m quite unthreatening in size, and don’t have a likely-to-stab-people kind of face. I’m not sure what a Stabbing Face might look like, only that police probably know it when they see it. For anyone who does have a Stabbing Face, but wouldn’t hurt a fly, you have my sympathy, probably along with as the MET’s unwanted attention.

In front of the Scottish Parliament was a bunch of people waving banners, dressed up, singing, playing music, flags, and a man in a white-on-black Westminster Scum tee.

Writing about the Scottish Referendum in this blog, I should probably include my view on it. I’m not wearing a flag/cape to go to the shops, but I think that a Yes vote could be a good thing. My reason is that I want Scotland to be ruled by the governmental party which we vote for.

Dinner was defrosted Spag Bol.


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