Wednesday 1st October- Reality & TV

Today I had a half day at college. I talked to the learning support teacher about my Auditory Processing Difficulties. My lecturers know I may miss information in lectures, and I can go to them or my support teacher if I need help.

After college I went busking. I made £2.67 and got moved on by a security guard because I was unintentionally playing outside Edinburgh High Court and interrupting a hearing. I’ve been living here 3 weeks. I don’t know where the courts are, and would never want to disturb people with my music. Some busking sessions are better than others. At least the security guard was friendly. I think she relaxed a bit when she realised I was there by accident and mostly harmless.

My evening was great. I ate more defrosted spag bol, with defrosted cake for dessert (salvaged from the toaster with forks and marigold gloves) and watched Chuck, my favourite TV series.

People on TV seem closer to real life people in the way that they act and appear to feel. I couldn’t see the similarity until now. TV has more depth and emotion now that real life does too. I’m realising that TV people are based on the way that real people act and react. There are a lot of social cues on TV as well as Real Life. It’s weird, but weird in a good way.  



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