Wednesday 24th September- 3rd day of Garden Field Trips

Today I got the bus to college. Yesterday on the way home I was feeling really tired and fell off my bike through sheer stupidity. I suppose that as a cyclist, falling off my bike at some point was inevitable. I was at the front of a junction, waiting for the lights to turn. To get momentum up a slight hill I stood up on my pedals while turning. Then I raised an arm to indicate, still standing up, and predictably fell off. I thank my lucky stars that I was fine. Not much traffic was moving, so it was more of a “stupid cyclist!” situation than a “call an ambulance!” emergency. I think that since life is a learning experience, we are sometimes given hints and nudges in the right direction by the force which most religions are based on. My intended learning curve for today was not to cycle when I’m tired. I lose concentration and am not safe on roads. So to prove that I this lesson is received and understood, today I got the university shuttle bus. It was a bit of a scary event at the time, but I’m grateful that life chose to give me a bruised knee rather than hit me with a truck.

Perhaps because of my processing difficulties I burn through mental energy faster than most people. To be safe cycling on the roads, I need to have enough energy.

Today’s gardens included a beautifully designed garden in St Andrews. We learned about arranging plants in beds, and how to create themes for each flowerbed.

One of the highlights of the trip was yesterday, when we went to a national trust garden and I saw a tree with pink/red oval leaves which smelled like candyfloss. It’s called a Bubblegum Tree.   

We got back a bit late, the minibuses slowed in traffic. After a quick turnaround I went back to Glasgow to see my aunt and uncle, who were over for the night. It was great to be home and see my parents, although now I’m calling both places home. I have two homes. Living independently hasn’t really hit me yet. I could be on a self-catering holiday, rather than here for probably the next four years.



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