Retained Reflexes case study- with The Movement and Learning Centre Scotland – FREE Download!

PDF -The Movement and Learning Centre Scotland Ltd- A Case Study of therapy for Retained Reflexes

This FREE PDF download is a case study of therapy from MLC Scotland Ltd to resolve problems caused by Retained Reflexes. It briefly covers the progress and development I experienced with this therapy in the areas of balance, coordination and emotional stability.

Years on, my life feels so much easier. I’m doing things I never thought possible back then, and I’m just getting started! MLC Scotland unlocks the potential of children and adults being held back by Retained Reflexes.

This PDF is completely FREE! So if you know anyone you think this information would benefit, please share it! Print it, share the link, and click the FOLLOW button on at the side of the screen, and receive Gibberish Dictionary updates via email.

The aim of this website is to spread the knowledge of Retained Reflexes and MLC Scotland, and also its sister organisation, INPP Ltd. These organisations provide therapy for Retained Reflexes (also known as Neuro-Developmental Delay).

Auditory Processing Disorder and Johansen IAS therapy are also covered in FREE PDFs.

My goal as someone lucky enough to benefit from these therapies is to get as many people as possible to know that there are solutions out there for Retained Reflexes/Neuro-Developmental Delay and Auditory Processing Disorder. If it’s common knowledge, these therapies may become mainstream, widely available and funded by the NHS. Think how many kids like me that could help!

Please get sharing, and if I ever have the good fortune to meet you, I’ll give you a hug.

Jenny x



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