Do you have APD?

Do you have APD 3

If several of these sound like you, you could have APD.

  • Some noises are painful
  • Sudden noises startle you more than other people
  • You try to avoid noisy environments
  • When you’re  very tired you hate loud sounds and being talked to
  • You feel tired or disoriented after being in a noisy environment
  • Sensing the directions sounds come from is difficult
  • You may be more sensitive to and distracted by quiet sounds
  • You are easily distracted
  • You may have to block out everything else in your environment just to focus on one task
  • Often tired or catching coughs and colds
  • You say “What?”, “Sorry?”, “Huh?”, or “Ummmm……” a lot


  • You have good hearing but often can’t tell what people are saying
  • You get the topics of conversations wrong despite paying attention
  • You take things too literally
  • Understanding jokes takes you longer than other people
  • It’s almost impossible to tell if someone is lying or being sarcastic
  • You don’t “get” what other people are talking about
  • You often can’t remember what people said to you not long ago
  • Understanding people with different accents is difficult
  • Hearing the words in songs is difficult
  • There’s a time-lag before your reply when you are asked a question
  • You seem to miss information that other people don’t despite paying attention
  • It is hard to remember and follow instructions
  • You feel very tired after being in a social environment
  • Answering questions is stressful
  • You try to avoid answering spoken questions
  • Texting feels easier than phoning


At School

  • Doing homework takes you longer than the rest of your class
  • Teachers sometimes think you’re lazy or not paying attention
  • You often have to ask friends what the teacher just said or asked you to do
  • You work as hard as the rest of your class but your grades are lower


People might describe you as…..

  • “Away with the fairies”
  • Literal/gullible
  • Withdrawn
  • Half-asleep
  • Hyperactive
  • Strange
  • Poor listening skills
  • Having an unusual accent (if speech skills are slightly affected by Auditory Processing Disorder)

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