The Golden Rules of APD

1.     Be Patient

When you’re talking to someone with APD, it can seem slow and frustrating, but it’s even more frustrating for them.



2.     Don’t Shout

If they don’t hear you the first time, shouting won’t work. It may attract their attention, but they won’t hear your words any better and no one likes being yelled at. Sometimes my mum used to get my attention by talking more quietly.



3.     Repeating what you said

Sometimes rephrasing a sentence or question works better than repeating the same thing. People with APD will sometimes need repeats and shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

If you say, “It doesn’t matter”, “Nothing”, or pretend not to remember what was said, to get them off your back, they will feel like you don’t care. Whatever they missed may not actually be important or interesting, but they don’t know that.



4.     Look at them when you speak

Seeing someone’s face while they talk, and having their voice directed towards you can make all the difference, whether you can lip read or not.


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