Free PDF Resources

Coming soon are a series of Free, Downloadable PDF files.

The first of these will be two Case Study records of my progress with Johansen IAS therapy. 

  • A brief summary (A timeline over 3 years condensed to a few pages).
  • A more detailed summary (For anyone who wants to read more in-depth about hearing developments throughout Johansen IAS therapy, approx. 20 pages).

I also hope to soon contribute case study summaries of my experiences with MLC Scotland Ltd, who provide therapy eliminating problems caused by Retained Reflexes/Delayed Neurological Development.

The Gibberish Dictionary eBooks are still a work in process- I started recording my experiences with these therapies and the positive changes they caused in my life when I was 17. Now I am 21……so it’s about time I get them out there! The eBooks will be available as soon as possible.

The eBooks (each one a year of my life as I began to hear more clearly and start to function to my full potential, and approx. 100-150 pages each) may have a small charge of one pound…..basically to make this online resource pay for itself, and to help me to let it reach as many people as possible.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to check out my website- I really appreciate it, and I hope you find it useful!

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at


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