The Gibberish Dictionary Book

I’m writing the book that I wish I could have read when I was fifteen and just diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. I’ll do my best to keep it light, to-the-point and entertaining. It will also have some pictures drawn by yours truly. I plan to publish it in chunks as a series of e-Books. These short books will cover everything I have experienced and learned about:

• Auditory Processing Disorder and Johansen IAS therapy
• Retained Reflexes and The Movement and Learning Centre Scotland
• Synaesthesia
• Visual Processing Difficulties

• I will also publish a complete version of The Gibberish Dictionary Diary, starting from January 2012, until 2014. This diary documents the changes in my life after MLC and Johansen IAS therapies over three years. Basically I will use my life as a case study to prove that these therapies really work.

The reasons I’m writing this book:

• Get Auditory Processing Disorder and Retained Reflexes more widely known about
• Tell people about Johansen IAS and MLC Scotland therapies
• Help people to understand what it’s like to have Retained Reflexes and Auditory Processing Disorder
• Provide a useful resource for other people with APD and Retained Reflexes, and people who are interested in Johansen IAS and MLC Scotland therapies
• Entertain you- I don’t want to write a boring book. That’s no fun.

To make this book as useful, informative, and complete as possible I need your help. I’m writing it for you. What do you want to know about?
Also, if you think that I should include something else in this website, I’ll do my best add it.

Any feedback would be great, thanks.


2 thoughts on “The Gibberish Dictionary Book

  1. Hi Jenny
    I have only just looked at your website for the first time after mislaying the note it was written on, in my end of term chaos. But it has come back to me ! and I want to say how hugely impressed I am by it, and what a very useful resource it seems to be.
    This is just my response to a first quick look at it so I can’t give you good detailed info about what else would be useful to include, I still have to read it all in detail. Just wanted to say big congratulations with what you are achieving here, and with your lovely humour!
    I am wondering why there are no more blog entries since June ? are you focussing on the book ? I hope everything is going well with your music and all the other things in your life. I will miss you at the college this coming year !

    All the best

    1. Hi Sue
      Hows things? Did you have a good summer? I miss you all too!
      Thanks I’m so happy you like my blog! I’m definitely more articulate when writing- it cuts out the processing gap from my thinking to speaking which can be a little slow sometimes!
      I’ve been really busy- but I’ve cleared the decks a bit so hopefully I can get back to work on the blog and book soon. I’ve been working on a timeline summary of changes to my hearing with Johansen therapy. I’m hoping to publish it on site as a free downloadable PDF. It’s almost finished, should be available soon.
      What you do to help lots of people like me with learning differences is really great! From a support teacher point of view, what could I do to improve the information here and accessibility to it? What kind of information would you look for on this site if you had a student with my difficulties?
      Music is going great thanks, I just got a part time job in a drum shop and I’m out gardening for a few people on this nice sunny day. Playing more gigs with band. Very busy, but with good things. =)
      Hopefully see you soon, if there’s a class catch up at some point I’ll head over to Edinburgh to say hi
      Best wishes

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