MLC Scotland

The Movement and Learning Centre help children and adults all over the world to reach their full potential.

They use simple movement exercises to fully integrate Retained infant reflexes, allowing the healthy adult equivalent to replace them.

Like Johansen IAS therapy, your brain is in for some re-wiring. Ian once likened MLC therapy to tidying an extremely messy room- you have to take everything out before you sort it neatly and put it back on the shelves in its proper order.


For more information here’s a link to MLC Scotland’s website. 


I went to see Ian McGowan at MLC Scotland when my hearing had a meltdown and Camilla suggested that Retained Reflexes could be fighting against the Johansen therapy.  

Tests confirmed that I had a lot of Retained Reflexes. My balance and coordination was compromised, and I had a fully retained Moro Reflex, the root cause of anxiety problems.

Ian gave me some exercises to do at home. I didn’t notice much difference until one day I was walking home from school without having to look at my feet. Previously, if I couldn’t see my feet, I didn’t know where they were and if they were on the ground or not. I didn’t really have a sense of where my whole body was. Soon I was running up and down stairs without using my eyes to confirm that I was anchored to the ground by gravity. My balance improved hugely and when I closed my eyes I no longer fell over.

Without using lots of my energy to concentrate on the coordinational exercise that was walking, I felt less tired.

My fine motor skills improved along with my handwriting and my ability to not stab myself in the eye when I tried to put on mascara. 

I had a stressful time as the Moro Reflex surfaced so that it could be got rid of, but afterwards I noticed some huge differences.

The nightmares I always had went away and I was no longer scared of the dark. I felt more relaxed and school became easier. For the first time in my life I was sleeping solidly and my health was much better for it.


By the start of my last year at school, my Retained Reflexes were completely gone.

With my new confidence, health and energy, I had a solid platform for Johansen IAS to fix my hearing, and for life in general.


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