My Pictures

This is a picture I drew around February 2012 I think, when I was still going to school.

There was a strange sound coming from one of the Art rooms. In my mind’s eye it looked a bit like this. The way it moved was like a giant spinning plate.

Going into the classroom to investigate what the sound was, it turned out to be an electric sewing machine.

Syn 3 (2)


This is my old mobile phone, a Samsung something. I used the alarm on it to wake up in the morning. It looked something like this; yellow swirls of sound, slightly fuzzy, almost bubbled metallic, misty texture. Little metallic flecks for highest notes in annoying, repeating tune which was first thing I heard every morning. My drawing only shows a little bit of what it looked like. Same as the last picture, the sound is yellow. Lots of the sounds I hear are yellow. I’m not sure why. I have a new phone now, with a new annoying alarm tune. I’ll try to draw it soon and post it here.  




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