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Sunday 3rd May 2015- Music and other languages


My day started with a grocery shop. Sadly, my usual fish fingers are no longer in stock. A shiny new budget-friendly box is filling my freezer drawer with anticipation. Something I’m really looking forward to is a visit from the awesome French branch of my family tree. So today I watched an episode of Chuck in French with French subtitles.

Despite the fact that listening is a weak area for me because of my Auditory Processing difficulties, I enjoy learning different languages. My favourite language is music. Music is a universal language because whoever’s listening- no matter what their spoken language is- can enjoy and empathise with the mood the music sets. Kind of like that TV show, The Clangers. Many people from different cultures claimed that the Clangers were actually speaking their language (or so I have heard). The Clangers speak Clanger. But like music, Clanger has a similarity to human speech. The adorable moon-dwelling mouse-creatures don’t use identifiable words, but somehow their language of squeaks and whistles still makes a lot of sense to their human watchers.

Although for my first 16 years or so, I couldn’t hear speech as clearly as most people because of serious Auditory Processing Disorder, I have always loved music. It’s a language which I understand. Although my social skills lagged behind since spoken nuances and hints were lost in a sea of gibberish and background noise, I could pick up a tune by ear really quickly. On my flute I learned to play music with an emotional maturity which socially I completely lacked. The way I played and the way I spoke completely didn’t match up. Then after Johansen IAS therapy my hearing cleared up enough to hear song lyrics, and I discovered an amazing combination of languages- music with words! After that my life was changed forever.

I’ve read somewhere that children who listen to music or learn an instrument can improve learning skills and strengthen listening ability. My parents played lots of music in our house when I was young whether it was Gypsy Kings (my mum) or Nirvana (my dad). Listening to music from an early age even just in the background probably gave me an edge against my Auditory Processing Disorder which I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

I think that a lot of kids who struggle in some way with communication, in whatever form and for whatever reason, would really benefit from learning to play an instrument. It’s a way to express your feelings without using conventional spoken language. Like a fingerprint, music is unique to the individual it comes from. Personalities shine through, and listeners who make strong first impressions of people on face value ( *The Fish Finger Conundrum again!* ) may be surprised by what they hear.

*The Fish Finger Conundrum- Monday 20th October 2014*


Due to unfortunate exam-related circumstances and the fact that any vaguely maths-related homework is not my friend, blog entries have recently been few and far between. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have the time to post a backlog of stuff. I hope you enjoyed this post.  =)



Wednesday 3rd December 2014 – The Fish Finger Conundrum again

It’s the Fish Finger Conundrum again. Please feel free to check out 20th October 2014 if you have no idea what I’m on about.

Because of what I learned while window shopping in the frozen section Farmfoods not long ago, I decided that I could do with some new clothes for gigs.

Like the varying frozen Fish Fingers I have sampled, I know that pretty packaging does not improve the contents inside. However, it gives an indication of what may be in the box. I’m not just representing myself when we play, I’m representing my bandmates too. And since my wardrobe is pretty vanilla for a rock band, my (nearly) new leather jacket was a good purchase. It smells of smoke, which is both sad and ironic, since I got it from Cancer Research. However it fits pretty well and is quite cosy.

At future gigs and practices I will look more like a rock musician, and all thanks to some Fish Fingers.

Monday 20th October- Fish Fingers and Social Identity

Food Shopping after college. Happiness is a full cupboard.

I decided that since I have a student loan, I would buy a slightly better brand of fish fingers today. Especially since the last variety turned out to be less “white fish” and more Rice Starch. I was looking at the packaging of these other fish fingers which apparently had 100% fish fillings as well as a student-friendly price. The box had pretty cartoon fish on it, a logo and nice colour scheme. It was much more attractive than the very plain box containing my last fish fingers. They hadn’t really bothered with much package design, or much real fish either.

Inside my college lecture-addled little brain, gazing through plastic glass into the depths of a floor refrigeration unit, somehow this turned into my next leap of social understanding. 

How do fish finger boxes relate to people? Well…..

Perhaps attractive, thought-out packaging isn’t just unique to boxes of my current favourite sandwich filling. People who have a cared-for, clean and attractive appearance may seem more appealing, friendly and easier to approach.

I realised that how people look and present themselves to the world can be very important- every stranger who sees you has a first impression, and based on that, they’ll create an assumption of what kind of person you might be. First impressions could be the difference between making a new friend or not.

People can adapt their image to get a desired reaction from other people. Whether they want to be looked at, not looked at, talked to, admired, respected, feared, or to make others feel at ease with them, there’s a way to dress for that. Unless you have a Stabbing Face, (see Wednesday 17th September 2014) in which case, unfortunately, no amount of wardrobe alterations can help you.

My new fish fingers, despite their lovely packaging, may not be as nice as they claim- I haven’t tried one yet. They were purchased on face-value and low pricing. There’s a lot to be said for face value. It’s a social currency. I’m not saying that I want to change my appearance. I’m happy with how I look. But I think that now I understand something new about people which I didn’t before. And all thanks to some Fish Fingers. I hope they’re as good as the picture on the box.

Saturday 13th September- Day 6 of Student Life -“Surfing”

It’s a nice day for a Freshers Week activity. Surfing. Edinburgh city centre is surprisingly close to the sea. The sun is rising behind the tall block of flats which block my view of Arthur’s seat, hopefully warming the North sea I’ll be swimming in. Can I surf? Not really, although I’ve only tried once before. I’d like to learn. The free barbeque swayed my mind in favour of going.  

Unfortunately, the waves were only ankle high, so we had a swim and floated on some boards for a while. I was very buoyant in the water because of some huge air pockets trapped in the University wetsuit I had borrowed. It was a female wetsuit, but designed for a taller girl with more curves.  I was in there somewhere, the suit having more of a rubber concertina effect than a glamorous beach babe look. I wondered why I kept falling off my board then I realised I was lying on it backwards. The barbeque was good.

On my way back to the flat I bought 30 frozen fish fingers for £2. Frozen food is really cheap. And there’s so much of it! Since I left home I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the freezers, calculating price versus weight. Freezer-box window shopping. The student dream.

Dinner was Fish Finger Sandwiches a la Ketchup, ketchup being the vegetable. The box claims that the fingers are made with “White fish”, identifying the fish in my dinner by colour, rather than species. In the end, white fish tastes just like any other fish which happens to be white. I’m not too fussy to eat fish fingers of mixed species and am not put off by wondering what the species diversity in a SUPERSAVERS fish finger actually is.

Did my laundry. I made friends with someone else in the student building in the laundry room. I instantly liked him. His colours are luminous light green and light aqua blue. The only colours I’ve seen around anyone all week.

Tonight I went home to spend some time with my family and friends since it’s my birthday soon. After all my chores were done, I got to Edinburgh bus station for the journey home just before 11pm. The city was busy, and there was a huge procession of people. Hundreds and thousands walking down the pavement in a line. I think they were marching against Scottish Independence.

I learned later that while I was out “Surfing”, the Orange Lodge and Ku Klux Klan were out and about in Edinburgh. I didn’t know that the Ku Klux still existed. I had hoped their mentality was extinct by now. The Ku Klux don’t want Scotland to leave the UK. In fact, they threatened that if there is a Yes vote, they will leave Scotland. I miss them already.

Bus to Glasgow. By the time I got home it was nearly 1am. Really happy to see my parents. My room is still the same more or less. I’ve only been gone for a week. It is much tidier though, and partly a storage space for attic junk. My mum said that if I’d known how many spiders were living under my bed, I would have left home sooner.